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I started LYF (Love Yourself First) Fitness as a way for people—anyone—to take better care of themselves. To push themselves. To expand their limits.  To realize their full potential. By simplified core-based training and goal-setting, we've helped dozens of clients: old and young, male and female, fit and obese, depressed and excited.

Every story has a beginning. At a young age of four, I started dance classes in Upstate NY.  I grew up dancing constantly. I wanted to be a Rockette when I grew up. 

After moving to a new school at 14, I was feeling depressed about everything, including my long driveway and taking the bus. My neighbor had her driver's license and offered to drive me to school.  The catch was that she went to the gym before classes started.  So it was either walk to the end of the driveway and take the bus or get up an extra hour and a half early and hit the gym first.  Though the decision was easy, I had no idea that it would completely change my life.

That's is how it began.  After being in the gym so much, I decided that upon graduation, I would immediately become a personal trainer and attend dance auditions in NYC.  After being accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and LA,  I earned my NESTA certification and started applying for personal training jobs around the City.  While I auditioned for dancing parts I worked part time as a trainer. It was perfect.

After about 5 years in a dancing career, I started thinking more and more about the future. The result was to go back to college for sports medicine. After some research, I attended Marist college and earned a license in New York State to practice athletic training. 

I never looked back. I've been making home visits for physical therapy patients, took on personal training for people in Hudson, LA and NYC, and conducted third party classes for other fitness companies. 

While working in NYC I was challenged to do a fitness competition in the figure division. I thought, "Why not?"  After six months of hard training and dieting, I entered my first show. I took home first place and received a pro card. After doing a few more shows I decided to start coaching other girls who wanted to compete.

My part time business—that I started at a young age—turned into my passion. It is truly rewarding to watch people transform, heal and live a better, healthier life.  Conquering goals and overcoming fears is a never-ending process, there are always more. That is the beauty of life.  And this is my true calling.


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