"I have literally never walked into a gym before. I'm nervous, self-conscious, and overweight. I don't even know what to wear. But I need to make big changes, and I promise I'll try.
Any words of encouragement?"

Everyone starts somewhere. There are no rules, no right or wrong when starting up. Everyone is at least a little nervous, but those fears are overcome quickly once you begin to feel the positive feedback from your workout and the environment. Just go in and concentrate only on what you're doing. Maybe we'll help you choose a workout outfit style too : )


"Do I have to be physically fit to start a program?"

No! Fitness starts at any level, size, age and gender.  The important part is just starting!


"I want to run my first 5K.
How can you help me?"

Yes, I have trained numerous people to prepare for their first race or even enhance their current race times.  Depending on ability, we will schedule your training backwards from your race day so you are fully prepared when it's race time.


"I kinda need someone to crack the whip. Can we set up a check-in system?"

Yes! Monthly check-ins take place with all current clients to keep you accountable and watch progress.  After each check-in, the program will be adjusted to the results.


"I'm pregnant. Are you certified for prenatal workouts?"

Congratulations! and Yes! We are certified in Pre- and Post-natal training. Nine months goes by quickly. Let's getto work!


"I want to run my first half-marathon/marathon.
How can you help me?"

Yes! We will go over every step that goes into completing a long race--from the diet to proper training and taper time--to ensure no injuries and full potential.


"I've scheduled my first competition. How can I get started?"

You can come in right away for an initial consultation so we can measure body fat, take photos and get you on a diet/workout routine and start the process.


"I have four competitions this year! How should I handle it?"

We will review the dates and make sure during the off time between competitions that you're maintaining the physique, mental and physical health through diet and routine you need to tackle your goal.